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Blast from the Past 001 – Legend of Dragoon Additions

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 20, 2009

ApocalypticBukkake has already started his segment of his trip down memory lane. So, I shall start my own and for this week, I am putting up some good old addition of an old game – Legend of Dragoon.

After cleaning my room extensively today, I finally decided to replay Legend of Dragoon after remembering I have recently bought the game from another person. What do you know? I had my old save file and damn, I got completely rusty. I totally had forgotten the timing for the additions – the finishing moves. And as usual, Albert’s additions are the ones that took me a bit more time to get back down.

For those who have not really played it, here is a video uploaded by another person from youtube of the characters additions. When I have time, I shall upload my own version, still need to do some stuff, get equipments and get better at the additions.

Well, those are all the characters, with the exception of Lavitz, who, ends up being non-playable later on in the game. For those that actually trained Lavitz up really early in the game and all, will be able to see his additions and the whatnot. So, here is the video of Lavitz’s additions, uploaded by someone on youtube. Do not that, compared to the other video where the person was timing his x, this one does not have any x. Thanks to an item, which I completely forgot the name, enables the addition to be done without the x-pressing.

To those who noticed, Lavitz and Albert share the same additions. To those who played it already should know why. And to those who do not, well, I do not want to spoil anything. Difference is, Albert is faster while Lavitz is slow.

On a side note, I am quite glad I was not the only one spending hours to use Lavitz’s last addition! And before I forget, the picture of Meru is from IcyDreams.


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