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[MAD]talesシリーズをbrave heartで編集してみました

Posted by FuyuKaze on January 2, 2010

Don’t know what sprung the need for me to search for a Tales of series with Digimon music for the BGM, but I’ve been relentlessly looking for one a few minutes ago. Maybe it’s the whole ‘replaying Tales of Destiny [PSX] and listening to Digimon music’ thing I did this afternoon…

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Blast from the Past 004 – Parasite Eve

Posted by FuyuKaze on December 9, 2009

Another Blast from the Past! Why? Because I just stumbled upon my Parasite Eve game copy in one of my other boxes! 1998 game from SquareSoft… And this thing really scared the shit out of me when I played it. I was like eight years old at that time too and playing it in the dark didn’t really help me not get scared… I think I’ll go play it again because I did not understand shit, I mean, come on, what kind of an eight year old would know stuff about Mitochondria and all the whatnot that had stuff to do in the game’s story or rather the novel’s since it is based off a Japanese novel…

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Blast from the Past 003 – Lunar Silver Star: Kaze no Nokutaan – Wind’s Nocturne

Posted by FuyuKaze on December 9, 2009

I was going through one of my many boxes in search for some old stuff to sale and everything when I stumbled upon my really ancient copy of Lunar: The Silver Star. Yes, I repeat, Lunar: The Silver Star and not Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. I can’t believe I still had this game in my possession, now I want to find a SEGA CD just to play it again! Unless I find my copy of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete that is…

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[MAD] GAREIZERO – Paradise Lost

Posted by FuyuKaze on December 8, 2009

Seriously, after watching Ga-Rei -Zero-, I had to look up some miscellaneous stuff on it and what better way than looking for [MAD]s or AMVs of it? Well, here’s an edit of Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori (yes, it is the opening song but with some scenes from the series). Do enjoy, and it will be another way to entice those who haven’t watched it yet to watch it! I hope…

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OJV Final Fantasy Aftermath

Posted by FuyuKaze on November 7, 2009

On Halloween night, people have gathered in mass at Salle Pollack to ruin thousands of children’s Halloween night in favor of watching a concert in tribute to Final Fantasy. Yes, instead of staying home and waiting for the good old door bell and kids going ‘Trick-or-Treat’ before handing them candy, people went to watch an amazing performance done by l’Orchestre de Jeux Videos…

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(Halo)² Recommends – Tokyo Brass Style

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 20, 2009

New segment that we will start here on (Halo)² is the recommendations. We will be recommending several things such as: locations to visit/places to visit – meaning places to just hang out at, buy stuff, eat at – music group to listen to, anime to watch, manga to read, drama to watch and whatever else we can recommend to you people that would be interesting!

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