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First Teaser for Gantz Live Action

Posted by FuyuKaze on January 6, 2010

Boom! We finally get a fifteen seconds, yes, I repeat, seconds, teaser for the two upcoming Gantz Live Action movies coming in 2011. Seriously, I totally forgot that they were making two live action movies for Gantz until I saw this…

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Gantz Volume One

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 23, 2009


The manga starts off with a highschool student -Kurono- looking at some type of ecchi magazine, and some old woman asks him for directions to a certain area. Like most perverted and self absorbed teenagers, he ends up ignoring her. He then sees an old classmate -Kato- of his next to him and turns his sight to a hobo lying down on the rail of the train station. Kato ends up jumping in and asking Kurono to help him. They ended up saving the hobo, but the other two students weren’t so lucky.

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