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First Teaser for Gantz Live Action

Posted by FuyuKaze on January 6, 2010

Boom! We finally get a fifteen seconds, yes, I repeat, seconds, teaser for the two upcoming Gantz Live Action movies coming in 2011. Seriously, I totally forgot that they were making two live action movies for Gantz until I saw this…

Wanting to practice my Spanish, I ended up at celuloidemutante and was reminded that we will be ‘graced’ by the presence of two Gantz live action movies in 2011. So, will it be a fair rendition of one of my favorite manga or a complete and utter garbage like that horrible, horrible, horrible Dragonball live action one?

Only time can tell… You excited?


3 Responses to “First Teaser for Gantz Live Action”

  1. Sadist Brother said

    The movie looks like shit but the manga IS the best in the whole universe! ALL HAIL GANTZ!

  2. Karry said

    Hmm…garbage manga produces two garbage movies…and decent manga is forgotten.

  3. Considering that the manga is the best manga ever, yes, I am excited. Heavily.

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