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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza – 乃木坂春香の秘密 ぴゅあれっつぁ♪

Posted by FuyuKaze on January 1, 2010

Nogizaka’s manga and anime hobbie is still protected by her dear friend Yuuto, now the problem begans when Yuuto’s other female friend start to feel affection and attraction towards him so the feelings war is starting among the friends circle while Yuuto tries to make Haruka happy making what she likes the most, drawing manga or watching anime and attend to special anime events and so.

Well, second season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, now entitled Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza. What to say as opposed to its prequel? Well, like the first, I found this enjoyable, but not memorable compared to some. As a side note, why do all sequels of this type of genre end up with more fanservice? Anyways, not that I didn’t really welcome it, but meh.

Anyways, new characters are introduced and the whole Shiina x Yuuto pairing end up being a bit more develop. I do stress the word, bit, though. The new maid, Alice, doesn’t really get much development and we don’t really know much aside from her freakish strength. Haruka, still her naive self, ends up being a bit more bold. Once again, I do stress the word bit. Yuuto, on the other hand, is the more bold as compared to his prequel version. Mostly starting anything that can further his relationship with the cute otaku, but as usual, ends up being interrupted by Kami knows what. Nobunaga apparently knows about Yuuto and Haruka’s outings, but is not develop. Seriously, that would have been nice since it can actually develop on the whole ‘himitsu’ part of the title.

Speaking of title, I swear, the whole secret does not stay secret since their isn’t really anything that jeopardizes the whole secret! Her parents know of it, they is no more of the whole ‘my life is over if they find out I am an otaku’, and even if someone did find out, it seems that they won’t even develop on it. I mean, Nobunaga is quite an example, since I think he knows about her secret. Anyways, they could have done so much better if they concentrated on the whole secret thing, or at least put in a bit more effort in it.

Continuing on, this season, we get the usual hot spring episode and the good old Christmas and Happy New Years to booth. Furthermore, Mika ends up wanting Yuuto too. Surprise, surprise? Well, not really. Can’t really say much more except comment on the fact that the titles are rather damn misleading and so many scenes where the maids, Mika and Gentou ends up listening on is quite misleading. Seriously, what would you think if you heard a girl on the other side saying ‘It’s my first time’ and later moans or does some weird sound? Your guess is as good as mine. Do enjoy the gallery below! And like again, if you want some fanservice and go ahead and watch it, the relationship development is pretty decent paced, but I think it should be more detailed… among other things…


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