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Yoko Nendoroid Review

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on December 10, 2009


Sorry for the lack of figure reviews, it’s a little hard to find time when you’re usually outside of the house and all. Today’s review will be on this figure that I bought at this year’s Otakuthon.


To be honest, I never really took the cute factor of this figure into account. Although, it is appealing to those who love chibis.


As seen above, this figure comes with two facial expressions. The left one consists of an angry face while the on the right…well, I’m not sure whether she’s looking sheepish or relieved.


The detailing was pretty well done on her back.


It’s sort of disturbing to see a hole on the back of someone’s head, but not for this figure. I like the shade of black on her hair.


The figure comes with an extra set of legs and three extra arms. The happy face on the leg kind of freaks me out.


The plastic holder to…hold the figure.


The holder does its job. The lines on the side doesn’t look all that great though…


A close up of her hair. I really like how they painted it.


She also comes with a pair of yellow glasses. I’m sure it’s there to protect her eyes from the light that emits from obliterating her enemies to bits and pieces. That or to prevent her eye’s from making contact from the splatters of blood.


The rifle is pretty sick, but the view of it on the next picture is much more flattering.


In conclusion, this figure was worth the money. For all those figure collectors or those who love Yoko, this chibi version of her is not hard on the eyes at all. The next review will be on something you all wouldn’t expect.


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  1. Angry Manatee said

    PUT MORE POST A-HOLE!!!!!!!!!!

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