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Blast from the Past 003 – Lunar Silver Star: Kaze no Nokutaan – Wind’s Nocturne

Posted by FuyuKaze on December 9, 2009

I was going through one of my many boxes in search for some old stuff to sale and everything when I stumbled upon my really ancient copy of Lunar: The Silver Star. Yes, I repeat, Lunar: The Silver Star and not Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. I can’t believe I still had this game in my possession, now I want to find a SEGA CD just to play it again! Unless I find my copy of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete that is…

Anyways, as for the blast from the past, I decided to put up the good old boat song we all know and love, both versions are available below thanks to our good old youtube ^^: first of, the Japanese version – Kaze no Nokutaan – and then the English version – Wind’s Nocturne –


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