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Seto no Hanayome – 瀬戸の花嫁

Posted by FuyuKaze on September 7, 2009

A young boy gets saved from drowning by a mermaid but, according to mermaid law, if a human sees a mermaid’s true form, both have to be killed. The only solution to the problem is for him to marry her.

Seto no Hanayome, I just stumbled upon this a few months ago and decided to check it out. Well, it was the picture that caught my attention, the picture that I saw being San holding a sword. So, without doing any research on it as to not spoil what I will be expecting, I decided to start watching the series. The first episode got me hooked to the series instantaneously. Why? well, what do we have here? Action, comedy, romance, a good old slice of life and the usual supernatural stuff. Watching the next few episodes made it clear that it would end up being another one of those harem type anime. Nevertheless, I continued watching.

The way the story builds up, to me, was rather hilarious. Guy drowns, is saved by a mermaid and now has to either choose to marry her or die – since of course her father being the head of the Yakuza group does not want to kill his own daughter. Anyways, that’s the foundation of the anime and from then on, we watch the ‘normal’ life of Michishio Nagasumi and Seto San. Other characters as soon introduced and more girls join the harem. Quite the hilarity actually: Zenigata Mawari – childhood friend of our good old main guy character that ended up being in this situation, Edomae Luna – rival/friend of San and a crazy little singer. The characters, in my opinion, were given a good enough depth as to not be dull and boring. Never watched an episode that was rather dull and boring, there was always something funny going around. Whether it’s because of Shark Fujishiro’s continuous asking if he can eat, Sarutobi Hideyoshi’s – monkey face – pervertedness, Seto Gouzaburou’s over protectiveness and refusal of accepting Nagasumi as his son-in-law, the constant shifting of Nagasumi’s ‘sexuality’ when Masa-san is present [first kiss – really too hilarious and that was because of mouth to mouth resuscitation], San’s shift to serious chivalrous mermaid, Luna-papa’s presence, Mikawa Kai’s constant fear of the light and later on Akeno Shiranui’s interference with the marriage are just a few things to give out.

When I say hilarity ensues, hilarity ensues. Over the limit time of appearance. It takes off most of the drama considering that it’s more focused on comedy, but the drama is still there. Although, in my opinion, it lacked in the whole drama section. But nevertheless, I find it to be acceptable, since it usually led to some more hilarity. Anyways, story wise, I find it to be acceptable as I found some tad bit of originality here and there. Not perfect, but surely acceptable. I mean, the other girls just falls to Nagasumi’s ‘charm’ – if you permit to say. Then again, I should replace that word for ‘stupidity’. Not to mention that adversaries appear later on to claim San as their wife, Nagasumi ends up in the heat of the fray. Usually being saved by San later on. Which usually always lead to some funny stuff happening. Misunderstanding is also a key word in this anime as it happens quite often.

As for the music, another one of those must have in collection – well, in my opinion. It was quite funny to see that singing can drive a crowed wild, boost up someone’s abilities – in this case Nagasumi – or completely render a crowd bloodlust. I honestly loved the music here. The opening was quite perfect, starting off like that and ending up being completely different later on. It kinds of describes how Seto no Hanayome will be going during its development. All in all, I do say that this is a must watch for all those people looking for something funny. Seriously, I guarantee that you will not go through this series without laughing once.


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