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Liar Game Sequel

Posted by FuyuKaze on August 13, 2009

Once again, sorry for the lack of updates. My motherboard ended frying up and I was out of internet for a while, or means of updating. Unfortunately, Apocalyptic Bukkake is not one to trust to actually update the website. Nevertheless, I recently bought a new laptop that I will exclusively use for blog updates and school work. Games will be played on that other blasted and broken laptop. Anyways, Let us get to the news shall we?

Tokyograph has confirmed that the second season will air in November. Continuing on from where they left off, this will be centered around the players facing off in four games and a semifinal. The movie will hold the final game and will be entitled: LIAR GAME: The Final Stage. Yes I know, not that original. Whatever, at least the cast stays and is not replaced!


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