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Love Mode Volume 01

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on August 5, 2009


When Izumi, a typical straight high school student, is mistaken for a male escort from a gay dating club, he begins a sexual odyssey filled with heated passion and sparkling romance. After a surprising date with the charming Takamiya, Izumi tries to deny that he is developing feelings for another man. But desire begins to take over, and Izumi’s amorous feelings are further catapulted into the stratosphere when Takamiya showers him with affection, and talks of taking a vacation and more with his new young stud…In Love Mode, it’s not about who you love…it’s about how.

After reading Fuyukaze’s review on Seikon no Qwaser volume 1, I decided to write my manga reviews in the same format. It’s pretty neatly organized and his post on Highschool of the Dead was just way too long for my taste to mimic. About Love Mode volume one, it has five chapters all called…Love Mode.

In the first chapter, we see a young boy by the name of Izumi who ends up being set up with a girl by his friend Konno. Once at the meeting place, where he waits anxiously, someone with long hair faints near him. He picks up a rose that the man has dropped only for his so-called date to show up.


A man, Takamiya Katsura, has arrived. Despite his surprise that it’s a man, he still ends up hanging out with the older fellow. While eating dinner, and after a few drinks, Izumi ends up….well, it is a yaoi manga. Being straight and all, Katsura was surprised since he thought he was the Izumi from a dating service.

The second chapter continues with the man meeting Izumi’s mother after last night’s events. This chapter goes on with the young highscool boy trying to discover his sexual orientation and then he ends up spending the night at Takamiya’s due to the earlier events.

The third chapter consists of Izumi staying over Takamiya’s new, and noticeably smaller appartment, for a couple of days.

The fourth chapter contains a bunch of graphic images that would have the fangirls loving it while it disturbed me. It didn’t really help that this particular chapter was divided into three parts.

The fifth chapter is just an extra containing more smut for the viewers.

Review time:

Well…this is the first time I have actually unwillingly reviewed a manga, especially of this genre. The art style of this manga is quite “old school”, considering the first volume was released in 1996. I was honestly surprised to see that the young boy on the cover is the main character, in terms of looks. Due to how young the kid looks, he actually looks older in the following pages. I probably think that it’s to ensure that it wouldn’t be in the shota-con category, I suppose.

The plot started off in a funny manner, with the main character being initially straight and all. Unsurprisingly, the plot actually had some decent character development, unlike most hentai mangas where it would just go on in the following cycle:

Characters meet -> Feelings activated by a situation of sorts -> Engaged in sexual intercourse -> Failed attempt at making the plot have meaning -> Failed attempt at character development -> More sexual intercourse -> Read the last part -> Happy/Bad ending

At first, I felt pretty disgusted reading the manga, since I’m not used to seeing men penetrate each other in a black and white fashion, but after a while, it got better. It was disgustingly funny. My friend Sherry recommended it to me. I’m surprised that her tastes in bishounens are actually different from the ones you usually see in shounen anime/mangas.

Aside from that, the manga was pretty wrong just to begin with. A much older man dating a highschooler who becomes his eventual uke. I guess that’s just manga for you.


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