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Love Exposure – 愛のむきだし

Posted by FuyuKaze on July 12, 2009

Last night, the group [Rayne Asakura, Fatal Pancit, Apocalyptic Bukkake] and I, went to Fantasia and viewed the screening of 愛のむきだし [Ai no Mukidashi] – Love Exposure. The epic 237 minutes length movie blew our minds completely…

Honestly, this movie is a must see and I completely agree with all of its winning awards! I bow my hats down to the producers, actors and all the whatnot for coming up with this awesome movie. The trailer, provided below, lead us to believe of what we thought the movie would completely consist of despite the whole 3 hours and 57 minutes length of Sion Shion’s production.

We were completely wrong as it was not what we expected at all. I totally suggest it as a must watch and a must have in your DVD collection! I totally am buying it when it comes out…

Plus, the DVD and DVD cover looks freaking cool! More info here. I will be doing an in depth review when I get the product…


One Response to “Love Exposure – 愛のむきだし”

  1. Give It To ME said

    I want the dvd but there’s no english subs =(

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