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Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on July 10, 2009


Ah the Japanese! With all the technology advances they make, they still have the time and money to construct a Sex Counter of a sort!

The device seen below is to be worn on the phallus. The number goes up due to the motion sensor in the device and digital read out.


Just like a pedometer, the number goes up with each thrust on the LCD display.

The device may be used as a cock ring, which is used to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse by gripping the penis tightly which delays ejaculation. This contraption is made of plastic, so it would be able to accomodate for most sizes. It can be worn while one has a condom one.

Via Tokyoreporter.

It’s sort of like a pedometer, but used in a way where you can try to beat the previous amount of thrusts one did? If one is ideally supposed to have done 10000 steps in one day, I wonder how many thrusts does one have to make in one week?


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