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A trip down memory lane 02: Fei transforms into Id

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on July 10, 2009


One of the most memorable scenes from a Squaresoft classic, made in 1998, Xenogears, was when the main character turned into one of the most notoriously dangerous characters in the game.

What a twist it was, although being called the Slayer of God in the beginning was pretty much a dead giveaway. But since I was only a 10 year old child when I played this controversial game, due to the religious and political implications and ideals spouted in the game, I wasn’t really good at reading between the lines.

One of the videos below depicts the insane change and the one following it will show the aftermath of the change.

True badassery. Destroying that gigantic structure on his own reminded me of the time when Wing Zero destroyed a whole space colony on his own. I’ll probably do that next, but highly doubt it. Oh yeah, sorry for the spoilers!


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