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Blind Man + Tooth Implantation = Sight Restored!

Posted by FuyuKaze on July 5, 2009

Seriously, what did I miss in Biology class? How in the world does a tooth transplant into your eye socket get your sight back when stem cells failed?

Martin Jones, 42 year old builder, has suffered an accident 12 years ago. The accident consisted of an explosion of a tube of white hot aluminum in his face. Marrying a woman named Gill – 50 years of age – he has not seen her since his operation.

After the attempt recovery of his sight with stem cells failed – he was admitted to the revolutionary tooth transplant performed by Christopher Lui. And what do you know? A complete success and they say he has perfect vision in his right eye.

In his interview he said that he did not believe the far-fetched technique would work. But it did and he is completely happy to have his sight back. Plus, that looks like a killer eye right there!

Via telegraph


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