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Pushing the limits in SM.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 18, 2009


Due to the amount of stressed out salarymen in Japan, some of them just go too far in venting out their frustrations. Especially in SM establishments.

One of the many problems that would arise from these types of establishments, is that proper SM would require some boundaries. In other words, there is always a line that should never be crossed, but ends up being crossed anyways.

The abuse went too far to the point where the following have been done.

  • Fastening the collar too tight to the point where they have problems breathing
  • Making them cringe and crawl
  • Spankings too hard to the point where their buttocks were overwhelmed with red welts
  • Giving kicks to the stomach
  • Administering hard slaps to the face
  • After going through such experiences, a worker from an SM shop in Gotanda ended up being so fed up that she took a butterfly knife and charged at the owner and the manager of the shop.

    Reports of knife killings and related crimes made clients reconsider their actions the next time they were to pay for some services.

    Via Tokyoreporter.

    Well damn. Hmm…does anyone know if there are any SM clubs in Montreal? I’m not going there for sexual reasons though. Just the experience itself seems pretty interesting.

    It’s quite saddening to hear about such reactions from those abused women, but hey, let’s face it. It was bound to happen afterall.


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