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One smurftastic party

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 18, 2009


University students from the city of Swansea have broken the record of the largest smurf gathering in the Guiness World Records.

The gathering consisted of 2532 people at the Icehouse. The count was not verified until 1:00 AM and they counted those who were completely blue.

The event was organized by a costume store called Joker’s Masquerade. Rebecca Oatley, of the store, stated that if they knew they were going to break the record, they had to do it in style and 2510 people would be a hard record to break. She also added that this is just the beginning of their world record run. They are hoping to set, break and smash Guinness World Records for iconic characters from Daleks to Superheroes.

One of the participants, James Houston, added that he was nervous because they were short of 2000 people or so around 11PM.

Jess Rogers, 20, added that the experience was quite scary, due to the amount of blue people in white pointy hats, and that it was difficult to spot her friends.

More pictures can be seen below.




Via WalesOnline.

All I could say is Kudos to you! Maybe this blog’s writers and others should beat a world record..

Any suggestions?


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