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Go Go Go Samurai Undies

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 17, 2009

Quoting from a 26 year old female shopper who was thinking about buying a pair for her father:

‘‘They seem a bit showy but they’re cool,’’ she said.

Samurai underwear seems to be the new rage in Japan. It is kind of weird, then again, the whole interest in the civil wars of the fiftieth and the sixtieth centuries kind of brings up the whole interest in these products. So, I guess we can call this the capitalization of the trend.

A Tokyo apparel company known as Rogin has 10 kinds of Samurai underwear. Heck, they even have those that are designed similarly as the ones Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen wore! I must say, they must be in shock from how many they have sold considering they have a hard time keeping these products on shelves. I guess it really must fascinate the women that buy this since they do not come cheap. And I do stress the whole “do not” as it cost about $90 to $125 each.

Then again, the product is as good as you pay for it… right? Well, yeah it is. Since they have researched the whole designs by going to museums and the whatnot as you can see from the details. Anyways, do you see yourself buying one of these? How about your girlfriend buying it for you?
Via examiner


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