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Playin’ in the train?

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 16, 2009


A woman, by the pseudonym of “Yabamotesen chichi mawari”, meaning “hot for the dangerous line that goes around breasts”, contributed her own post to the magazine, Shukan Bunshun, her own item about how she enjoys being groped in the subway while it’s packed.

She states that her first experience was in Tokyo. Unfortunately for her, she has been hired to work in a rural area, where the trains were not crowded at all. Due to such a thing, she was irritated.

She was happy to be sent to Tokyo for a business trip and was finally able to ride a packed train after a long time. She continues on by saying she only had a week in Tokyo and so she took advantage of it and she didn’t want to miss the opprotunity.

On her first day, nothing happened. Due to the lack of touches/groping, she decided to wear a revealing blouse the next day. She goes on explaining how she felt fingers on her nipples and at the next stop, she had felt fingers touching her clitoris from under her skirt.

Once she got off at the next stop, she went on to pleasure herself in a public bathroom using a vibrator and a marker of some sorts.

She states that commute trains are the best.

Via Tokyoreporter.

My goodness. That would so not be my bride, but damn, I wouldn’t mind giving it to that woman, if she was hot.

It’s such a waste, especially since the transport service in Japan actually decided to implement an all-woman cart to prevent such gropings. As for cases like these in Montreal, this would not happen at all. The trains aren’t as crowded, despite the crappy services we montrealers are given.


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