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Magna Carta 2 Combat System – Good Old MMO Feeling

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 16, 2009

For those who have played Magna Carta : Tears of Blood, forget about the system you are used to as Magna Carta 2 is completely different from the first. Do note that when I say system, I am talking about the battle system. Thanks to Spencer from Siliconera we get a bit of a feel, from his experience, of how the battle system works…

From what he wrote down, there are two movement modes. The first being the battle ready mode and the second being the run mode. The former, just like its name states, has everyone’s weapons drawn out and ready for battle. Disadvantage? well, the party will , from what Spencer wrote, “crawls across the screen”. The latter, on the other hand, just like its name states as well, will have the party move faster than the previous movement mode. However, be aware that you will have to stop and unsheathe your weapons when ambushed.

In Magna Carta 2, all of the enemies will be visible and will be doing their own movements or affairs until they spot you. There also will have a lack of any battle transitions when a fight begins. So, everything takes place in whatever environment you will be.

An introduction in Magna Carta 2 is the chain attack system. When a character goes into overdrive, meaning that when the stamina bar is filled due to attacks, and you switch characters, something that is suggested you should do, a chain begins and the next attacker gets a 50% attack boost.

To get a clearer explanation on the whole thing, visit Siliconera and read about Spencer’s experience.


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