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Daughter’s Breast Milk Helps Fight Cancer

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 16, 2009

Tim Browne, person suffering from the dreaded disease known as a malignant neoplasm or, for those who do not know the medical term, cancer. The weapon he used in this battle to the death: his daughter’s milk!

Georgia, aged 27 and mother of one, delivers her milk to her dad, after feeding her baby son Monty, in hopes that it will help her father boost up his immune system in his battle against colon and liver cancer. One month after drinking the concoction, scans have shown that the 67 year old man’s cancer has been reduced.

Hmm… wonder about how the whole biological factors work in this whole thing. I shall, once again, open up biology books and read up on the defense mechanism and the whole whatnot in cells or whatever it was I always slept at in school!

World Cancer Research Fund UK said: “We are not aware of any evidence that breast milk brings any benefits to cancer patients.”
Via mirror


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