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Busted for public hanky-panky.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 16, 2009


A talking CCTV camera, in a town centre, tells a couple to cease their sexual activities.

Apparently, the pair who were “making the beast with two backs”, had been drinking before their “oneness”. They had heard the loud command and actually had immediately stopped before rushing out of the area in Northampton.

Usually, the messages played through the intercom of the camera are usually recorded, but the operators are still able to shout out specific commands for specific situations, such as this humorous yet sad one.

Northampton Borough Council has talking cameras trained in three town centre streets to issue warnings about littering, fighting and street drinking.

Andrew Simpson, Northampton Borough Councillor responsible for CCTV said he was shocked to hear camera operators had spotted people having sex in the street.

He said that he certainly wasn’t expecting the operators and the cameras to spot people having sex in public. He could imagine them being drunk where they did such a thing, but at least not too drunk to the point where they actually listened.

Via mirror.

Pfft. Such restraint. I’m sure I would have finished while I was being beaten for doing such a thing. Just kidding, I think.

Europe is pretty well-known for crazy things like this. The party scene, the crime rates and the substance abuse exceed those of North America. Not so sure about Asia though.


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