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Halosquared – Time to do some cleaning

Posted by FuyuKaze on June 13, 2009

Well, after I got back from the whole camping trip with my school, my laptop was dead. Took me a few days to get a new hard drive for a relatively good price and a few more days to get it working and stable again. Now I am back and I will be making some more updates as the days pass by and, of course, add some new section I wanted to do a while back.

To start off, I decided to finally take a template that would be beneficial to us authors, in the sense of space for our posts as well as pictures and the whatnot. Although I had to give up the whole banner thing, but it does not matter. When we finally do get our own domain/host, it will be back up and the whole layout will be designed in a kick ass manner.

For now, we will be dealing with what we have at the moment. For my itinerary today, I will be reviewing each of our older posts and since it is not that many, I can manage to keep my sanity in check. Starting tomorrow, if everything goes right, I will have several things posted up and most of the things cleaned up.


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