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Ears on the stomach?

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 13, 2009

A man who had his ear cut off in attack at park had his fallen ear stitched to his stomach in order to save it.

A student from Leeds, Paul Gibbs, was attacked by three men while he was camping out with his friends.

The surgeons in charge of the operation had stitched the ear inside of his stomach rather than stitching it back to its rightful place due to the fact that they weren’t able to immediately reattach it since the ear was lost for a good 17 hours. Apparently, the tissue of the ear will regrow inside of his stomach. Once that part is completed, they will take some cartiliege from his ribcage, to help reattach it back to his head.

Two of the attackers, 18 and 22, have been convicted for attack Gibbs. They have received indetermined time in prison.

Gibbs also suffered from brain damage from the attack and he was in a comatose state afterwards.

The picture of his head can be seen below.

Via Telegraph.

Whoa, I’m kind of speechless at this. It’s like something that came out of a messed up sci-fi movie.


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