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Exoskeleton Mania!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 12, 2009


An army mechanic, after four years of working in his garage, has suceeded in creating a prototype for his exoskeleton suit. Carlos Owens, 31, had 27 cylinder hydraulic cylinders to bring it to life and to match the movement of the pilot.

The man had handled most of the mechanics back in the army but it was his dream to actually construct a Mecha. At first, he used wood to make a full scale model. Then, he ended up building the frame out of steel in his garage in Wasilla, Alaska.

The hydraulic system he devised consists of a complex network of cables and hydraulics cylinders that can operates the mecha’s joints. By doing so, the exoskeleton has the correct leverage and range of movement.

Owens is in the process of making two more prototypes for the following reasons:

    – Making the suit lighter
    – Increased maneuverability

He can see mechas being used in the military in the future, but for now, it would only be for entertainment purposes. Probably like Battle Bots but in a much more epic scale.

The images can be seen below:




Damn, before you know it, skynet will be coming out!!! Although, this is actually quite crazy. If he worked on aesthetics, I’m sure his mecha would be fully functional if he were to team up with bandai. After all, 18 metre tall, humanoid looking mechas seems to be the newest fad these days.

Although, the mechanics of this exoskeleton resembles more of Escaflowne due to the controls of the joints.


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  1. я думаю: благодарю!!

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