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Providence ZGMF-X13A 1/100 Scale

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 11, 2009


After a short period of time, I finally received my model back from Lu. The paint job he has done has exceeded my expectations. I say a short period of time because many people come around the spring and the summer time to customize their models.


Firstly, I’ll start off with the only flaw I found: the horribly made hand by bandai. The rifle that this gundam has can barely stay in his hand unless you raise his arm at a certain angle, thus limiting the amount of poses that one can do for Providence.


Other than that major flaw, everything else was wonderful. The model looked acceptable without the paint, but lacked the intimidating/badass aura that the gundam had in the anime. The shading of the paint was outstanding. The yellow is superbly painted. It wasn’t too bright, yet it stood out nonetheless.


The coils on his torso was also well done. Like the yellow paint, it stood out and it blended in at the same time.


Unfortunately for me, the price for the paint job went up due to the extra time spent on painting each funnel/dragoon. Although, the price ended up being worth it in the end.


As much as I wanted the funnels to fly all over the place, it didn’t. But the job on the funnels are still bad ass.


The size of the beam saber ended up being a lot bigger than I thought. I’m not complaining about that, buf if I had wanted to put the blade parallel to his legs, I would require to assemble my stand.


The shield is removable, but I have to take out it slowly since it may scratch the paint off. Inside of the shield, there is a pointed part to secure its attachment to his arm.


Oddly enough, there are holes on both arms to accomodate the shield. Makes me want to buy a second model so Providence can go around killing armies from long range and in a short range slaughter frenzy. A dual-wielding Providence…pretty overkill, but still cool.


Overall, this model is too sick. I’ll be posting up some more models soon enough, just as soon as I get the proper equipment since the glare of the sun off my computer screen is a big pain in the neck. Thanks Lu! Can’t wait for Heavyarms Custom.


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