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Taxes is the downfall of many gangsters and…religion?

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 10, 2009


A religious corporation that operates love hotels has concealed 1.4 billion yen in the span of seven years through February 2008 as donations from their clients.

The president of a company that processes vegetables and mushrooms in Chikuma, Nagano Prefecture, that they actually send the money to needy children in the country, as an objection to an order of paying 300 million yen in back taxes and penalties.

The love hotels are run by a 71 year old man. It also seems like this is only a religious organization in name, nothing more. Since religious organizations receive tax breaks and other perks, the vegetable company took advantage by taking on the name “Uchu Shinri Gakkai”.

The religion main office is in an 10-story building in Tadotsu. There was also a notice on the doorknob saying that the contract with its electric company has been canceled. Also coupled with the fact that it was abandoned doesn’t help much either.

Notices on the walls in a guestroom of the love hotels said, “Please make an offering for underprivileged children of the world” and “So we can save as many young lives as possible.”

About 40% of their revenue was announced as donations from their guests.

Uchu Shinri Gakkai was formed in 1983, but it has been dormant until 1994.

Sales of religious group are actually pretty common due to the lack of succession or due to the decrease in followers.

Via asahi.

More and more, nowadays anyways, that maybe becoming a Christian Pastor is the way to go. Due to the amount of money these religious organizations make, it seems worth it. Hell, a pastor called Benny Hinn always stays in presidential suites in hotels whenever he travels.

I digress though, this operation was bound to come falling apart, especially when they had love hotels and when they didn’t even bother to visit their religious base once in a while.


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