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A wrecked car to us is a sex doll to rhinos.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 10, 2009


One of the bosses in a Zoo has put a wrecked car in a pond to help raise awareness of the pollution in the wild. Although, a rhino called Jango has been sexually preoccupied with the car as of late.

Says a zoo visitor, David Rogers, that the rhino was in the pond for an hour and giving the wrecked red car affectionate nibbles. Then the rhino would attempt to climb it from the back and from the front. Once in a while, the Jango would get out of the pond and walk around for 10 minutes and go back in the water. Apparently, the rhino looked like he was trying to impress the car. He also said that the rhino tried pushing the car out of the pond but much to the rhino’s dismay, the car is firmly placed in the pond.

There are many other attractions like this, such as a dirty oil pump in the penguin’s pen, a rusty bath in the crocodile enclosure, as well as railway line running through the bisons’ den. The zoo is called Schoenbrunn and it is located in Vienna.

Via mirror.

Unfortunately, there have been no mentions about other animals doing the same. The car to this rhino is very similar to what humans use in what is believed to be their own private time.


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