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RX-78 errected in Odaiba.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 9, 2009


The long awaited completion of the RX-78 has arrived! Thanks to punyari, many of us were able to see his pictures in Odaiba before the official unraveling.

The pictures below are only a few from his blog. I wish I could go to Japan this year just to see this magnificient model. More pictures at puniyari’s blog.





Via punyari’s blog, Moé Passion. Part 1, Part 2.

The only way I could take pictures of a gundam covered by foliage in montreal is by putting one of my models next to my mother’s bonzai tree. That’s actually pretty saddening.


2 Responses to “RX-78 errected in Odaiba.”

  1. […] since the construction of the RX-78, there has been many happenings of constructed art, or mechs for other matters, that have been […]

  2. […] Damn, before you know it, skynet will be coming out!!! Although, this is actually quite crazy. If he worked on aesthetics, I’m sure his mecha would be fully functional if he were to team up with bandai. After all, 18 metre tall, humanoid looking mechas seems to be the newest fad these days. […]

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