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The master’s cravings

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 7, 2009


Man threatens his own maid into having sex with him whenever his child and his wife is not home.

The man would show her some pornographic movies or make code gestures in order to lure her into copulating with him.

In one occurrence, there was a blackout and his wife wasn’t home, the man had snuck into the maid’s room. The man had gone into her bed and tried to cuddle with her. She had struggled with his advances and ended up running out of the house. She had seeked help from her agent and neighbours, but her agent told her to go back to the house.

Many more sexually abusive advances had occured. For example, in the kitchen while she was cooking, the man had wanted to rape her by coming from her rear and pulling down her panties. She had screamed though, despite being warned from the man that he would kill her if she had resisted him.

The maid had finally had it and told her relative. Soon enough, the man’s wife had heard about it. She had brought the maid to a police station to file a report. The husband was arrested and was put into lock-up.

Via The Star.

Seriously, rape may be a turn on for some disturbed individuals, but we should always take into consideration that it isn’t the best route, since there would be no lubrication to start out with. Instead, we should follow the example of people who seem more well adjusted than rapists.


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