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Toilet Reading Material

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 2, 2009


Coming out soon online and in Japan, there will be reading material during your rectal relief. Although, the material itself can be used for cleansing your grand canyon.

A horror writer, Koji Suzuki, has teamed up with a Japanese paper manufacturer in order to create a nine chapter psychological fright on a roll of toilet paper, called Drop.


The man himself is known for horror turned movies such as Dark Water, The Ring and Spiral.


The package for the 200 yen roll of toilet paper seems appealing to those who like horror stories and to those who like to take their time in the crapper.


The writing is in blue, surprisingly yet understandable. The story itself lasts every 86 cm of toilet paper.

Via weirdasianews, Telegraph and Bouncing Red Ball.

Due to this release, I could see many ero-mangas that may come out in the form of toilet paper. Unless the majority of these otakus in Japan follow the lifestyle of hardcore WoW players:

Drink energy drink -> Play -> Piss in random bottle or empty can -> Play -> Drink the wrong bottle.

Although, it would have been more interesting if the story was written in red rather than blue. I guess the author thought ahead and didn’t want clients to think they were bleeding from unforseen hemorrhoids.


One Response to “Toilet Reading Material”

  1. entjohns said

    Am in Japan for June and dying for this to be released — anyone have any ideas how I can get hold of a few rolls????

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