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Yuki Kasukabe – Beach Splash Ver.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on June 1, 2009

Ah, my love for sexy women in bikinis, as well as my love for 2 dimensional women has led me to buy this PVC figure. Afterall, at a good price from Sci-Fi Anime and the chance to put it on reserve so I could maintain my budget, how could I resist buying such a lovely figure.

After inspecting the figure through the box, since the front view and the rear view of the figure is visible, the camel toe was very apparent. The way her bikini was riding up her rear is truly a sight to behold. The paint job on the rear was very nicely done. Only due to the fact that her butt looked see-through .

A close-up of her nipples. They also have been graced with the same type of paint job that she has on her butt. Another plus about this area is that her nipples have been sculpted in a pointy way.

Although they could have done the blush on her face in another manner, I’m guessing that the style in the anime is quite old school, judging from way the blush has been done. Although, the blush does not lower the level of appeal of this character’s face.

The background really does bring out her cerulean blue eyes.

Hmm, the flower just stands out, but in a good way. It compliments this bishoujo’s style. Got to also love how her perky nipples seem to stand out as well.

Hmm…got to love the beads. Not only do they match with her eyes, but they also give men a good reason to look at her breasts without getting slapped in the face…I think. Unfortunately, they aren’t real beads, poke at them too much and they will break.

Hmm… I thought her butt was bigger, but it looks like it’s just very nicely shaped. Afterall, it is rare to see asian women with large rears. Although, most 2D girls would usually have a large bust rather than large hips.

But then again, with the way she’s posed, who are we to complain? With such a marvelous shape, the nicely sculpted camel toe and the see through cheeks, I’m sure many otakus out there will be keeping such a figure on display for a good while.

Her hair flows in the wind, despite the lack of a breeze. From the front, it seems to add this air of moe-ness to the figure whereas to the rear…it kind of looks unnecessary. It does help when you have the option of taking off her towel.

A close up of her yellow ponytail. Seems kind of useless to use a ribbon to tie up your hair at the beach though. Another camel toe shot, though that wasn’t the intent. I’m not sure if I prefer her with or without the towel on. It’s hot to see her bra strap yet it’s the mystery of how it looks that also appeals to me.

All in all, the figure is worth the money I paid for. Even though I have never watched “To Heart 2”, it does motivate me to check it out for a bit.


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