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Unconscious man found 11 hours after search.

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 30, 2009


Due to Verizon‘s wonderful and effective customer service, the authorities in Carrollton, Ohio were able to find an unconscious man after a mere eleven hours throughout their search. Although, it would have been accelerated if the company had actually cooperated with the police.

After unleashing legions of rescue heroes, more like several fire departments and a hundred of individuals on foot, on the search, they had found the man, 62, near a cellphone tower.

Apparently, some of the deputies in the region has responded to the call and had stated that the man was destroying his house earlier and had been breaking the windows and many other items.

The deputies were told that the man had taken many bottles of pills. The sheriff doesn’t know how bad the situation was with the berserker, since he was not a doctor, but he thought the man’s condition was serious nonetheless.

Via The Times-Reporter.

Well good job Verizon! The efficacy of customer service these days has evolved into such a thing. Who would have thought? If it was a highschool student trying to kill himself with two pills of tylenol, then not cooperating would have been understandable. This case was actually serious. Oh well, kudos to you Verizon! I do hope you could hear me now.


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