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Robotic Teacher

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 11, 2009


In Tokyo, a Robot has been placed in a primary school as a testing ground. The robot, named Saya, has many functions that have been produced after 15 years of research. Displays of facial expressions, sometimes one of anger, has been achieved due to the 18 motors hidden beneath her face.

Many other of “Saya’s” functions consist of speaking different languages, set tasks and carry out roll calls.

The humanoid robot, created by Hiroshi Kobayashi, a science professor at Tokyo U, was originally made to replace a variety of workers, like secretaries, to cut down costs for some companies while keeping interaction in mind. Despite how ludicrous the last part sounded.

Apparently, robots in Japan already guide traffic, being developed to keep Alzheimer’s patients company, and also used as bait for university graduates to sign up to courses.

The government plans on spending 35 million dollars, probably 3.5 billion yen, on putting a robot such as this one in every household by 2015.

The reason is probably due to the decline in number of people in the workforce in the future.

Via the Telegraph.

Knowing how this may turn out, a large number of anime otakus/hikikomoris/neets would add mods in order to do something very similar to this young man’s actions. After a year or so of putting this in every household, I predict that they will be modified to look like certain JAV idols or many various anime characters.

Hmm…actually, how is that a bad thing? Not only that, it’s a next step towards flying cars, and super duper 50 feet flying humanoid armors!


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