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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Organization XIII vs Shadows

Posted by FuyuKaze on May 11, 2009

Well, we are only a few more weeks away from Kingom Hearts 358/2 Days’ release in Japan. Square Enix has given us the pleasure of releasing some new clips with some of the other characters from the Organization as opposed to the usual Roxas and Axel videos that were previously released to the public…

To start off with – we have Xigbar

Demyx is next on the list

And a multiplayer video with good old Marluxia

Via Siliconera

Well, a few more days before it comes out I guess. I’ll try to get a Japanese import and find another way to play it so I can practice my Japanese more! It’s getting slightly better, but I still need to work on reading and writing. Can never memorize the Katakanas, Hiraganas and don’t get me started on Kanjis…


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