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JAV Stars in Korean Drama

Posted by FuyuKaze on May 9, 2009

Sora Aoi + Mihiro + Rio + Korean Drama = ??? Your guess is as good as mine as news spread out that these three will be in a Korean drama. So what can we expect out of this with three Japanese Adult Video stars???

Sora entered Korea to promote a Korean drama that she’s in entitled Korean Classroom. Besides this JAV star, we will be seeing Mihiro [Mihiro Taniguchi] and Rio [Tina Yuzuki] in this drama said to be 4 episodes long. Story, well, it’s about three Japanese students visiting Korean and falling for some local men. According to some information on allkpop, we’ll have three episodes starring each one of them seperately, whereas the last one will be featuring all three of them together.

Via javcity
Via allkpop


One Response to “JAV Stars in Korean Drama”

  1. ronald said

    Tina Yuzuki has a comedy sketch on TV show showgeki

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