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Crossover RPG of 2010 – Trinity Universe

Posted by FuyuKaze on May 9, 2009

Gust, Idea Factory and, of course, Nippon Ichi are grouping/banding/getting together (whatever way you want to say it) for another Playstation 3 [PS3] Role Playing Game [RPG] mashup!!! Title of the upcoming game? Trinity Universe featuring characters from Atelier Viorate and Disgea – of course in 3D!

So, for the first time, we will not be seeing Etna, Flonne or Prinny in sprite mode! The game will be using models for dungeons and combat. It is said that Trinity Universe’s combat system will be like Xenogears where each attack consume AP and skills will be assigned to three different buttons! And what more – time is of the essence. Apparently, players will have to destroy a gravitation field and escape a dungeon before the hourglass ends.

The game [Trinity Universe] has two differente scenarios – the usual cliche – Goddess versus Demon Lord featuring Gust characters and Nippon Ichi characters respectively.

Via siliconera


One Response to “Crossover RPG of 2010 – Trinity Universe”

  1. George Washington the 69th said

    I hope this comes out in engrish, this rooks sick!

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