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Hurray, more remakes!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 8, 2009


It was hinted on a Japanese TV show called Pokemon Sunday that there are going to be remakes of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Apparently, it would be remade in the same way Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green were.

The new names for the remakes would be “Pokemon Heart Gold” and “Pokemon Silver Soul”. The first one sounding cheesy while the latter one sounds slightly cooler but quite typical. The original ones sold 23 million copies worldwide, and God only knows the amount of times those two games have been illegally downloaded.

The hint may have, may being a keyword since I still don’t know how to speak Japanese, much to my chagrin, been the two balls hanging from the ceiling. One gold and one silver.

Via Kotaku and Siliconera.

I wasn’t really big on Platinum and Pearl. They were fun, but not as fun as Pokemon Blue and Red. That’s right, the monotoned ones! Still though, I’m guessing they’re running out of new ideas to pull out of their asses so they may have just decided to exploit one of Nintendo’s biggest markets, once again. Well, at least they’ll have some cool animations now as well as some online game features.


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  1. […] May 8th, ApocalypticBukkake has posted that it was hinted on Pokemon Sunday that Gold and Silver would be remade. Well, thanks to youtube, we now have the official Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver remake […]

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