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No Thank You! Period!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 6, 2009


In Hong Kong, a woman was arrested for putting her menstrual blood in her employer’s soup to promote better relations between themselves.

Indra, an Indonesian maid, aged 26, has added a deliciously rare tea bag in pot of vegetables broth. By deliciously rare tea bag, I meant a used “pad”, or sanitary napkin if you will.

In some southeastern cultures, not Filipino ones at least, menstrual blood is considered to have some special powers. You may as well call it a biological-liquified senzu bean.

This action was discovered by accident. Indra’s co-worker, Mok, caught her doing something suspicious in the kitchen and found the bloodied item in the garbage and has seen the pot of vegetables in a very odd state. Something “abnormal” was drifting around in the pot, along with the prepared food.

Indra did this in hopes of improving relations between her and her employer due to the fact that things have been bad between them. She had no other excuses for her actions.

Via weirdasianews.

The many tamperings with one’s food is highly common, but it is the first that I have encountered one who actually did such an…original, if you will, action of such sorts.

It’s more original than putting pee in pea soup afterall. Then again, if this were in Japan, they may enjoy this after seeing a cafe where men are charged to be stepped on.

In Montreal, this would have resulted in a very violent, yet reasonable, ordeal.


One Response to “No Thank You! Period!”

  1. I will look twice before I have my broth next time …

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