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Suffering spirits, to eternity! Break Seal!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 4, 2009

A woman, 92, has finally decided to take out the dead fetus that she has been carrying for 60 years. Oddly, the fetus was found in a calcified state.

A case such as this one is called lithopedion. The woman, Huang Yijun, is from southern China. Back in 1948, she had a miscarriage but she didn’t have enough money to have the fetus taken out. Since there was no other methods of taking a baby out from her without any help from experts, she had left the baby inside of her.

This rare phenomenon consists of calcification of the dead fetus so the carrier would not be poisoned nor killed due to the would-be decay from the dead fetus. The size of a developping fetus is already too big for a human to absorb into their body. The reason why this is rare is due to records showing how there have only been 250-300 cases in all of the 400 years of medical history.

Surprisingly, if there are no complications, the woman with the stone baby can just go on with her life without troubles, despite having put on a few extra pounds.

Via weirdasianews.com.

Cases like these make me thankful for actually living in Canada, only due to the free health care we receive until now. If it were possible, I wonder if a gold needle, or soft for you old school final fantasy players, would actually bring this fetus back to life…Of course not! Although, it would be cool to use such a stone baby in conjunction with a catapult. Well, the cremation of this body would be easy, although the method used in my imagination seems too inelegant. It consisted of a very strong person pounding at it with a sledgehammer.


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