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Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 2, 2009


A woman, 72, has been found laying in a pile of faeces. Not only that, her body was apparently infested with maggots.

The paramedics found the woman, Kateryna Pyrczak, at her home in the Melbourne suburbs of St. Alban in November 2008. Her right leg had a revolting appearance due to the nest of maggots that resided in there. Her left foot had multiple ulcers as well.

There was several litres of faeces, although it wasn’t stated what kind of faeces. The detective in charge of this case told the Melbourne’s Magistrate Court this detail while the cadavre is lying dead. Her daughter, Mary Eve Pyrczak, 49, was charged with negligently killing her mother who died at the hospital after she was found. Mary Eve was bailed to appear in court on August 21th 2009.

Via news.com.au.

Seriously, if anything, ninjas have taught us that killing is an art. Yes, burying a person in faeces is somewhat artistic, but the stench of crap will do nothing but get you in a “federal pound me in the ass prison.”.


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