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No silicon in international boxing

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on May 1, 2009


Image via gelbooru.

Sarah Blewden, 25, was banned from competing in the 2012 olympics due to her implants. She had implants in 2003 from a 32B to 32C.

Two years ago, she only did boxing as a form of keeping her figure. That is until she found out she has talent in this olympic sport. When she heard that her permission to compete was refused, she was stunned.

The doctors from the Amateur Boxing Association has insisted that her breasts were at risk of contraction or distortion if hit. Cells in tissue pushed forward by the implants could also be harmed.

She asked if she could wear a protector for her breasts but she was told that it would not work.

Via mirror.

Even though her cosmetic surgeon has said that it her breasts don’t make her more vulnerable than any other woman, it is a wise choice that they have banned her from competing due to the advantage they would hold over her opponents. It’s obvious that these fake breasts can be used to shoot such destructive projectiles.


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