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Death Note Live Action – Americanized

Posted by FuyuKaze on May 1, 2009


Another anime will be Americanized it seems as Warner Brothers has obtained the rights to produce a live action adaptation of good old Death Note. Will this be a success or will this be a complete funeral like Dragonball Evolution?

American Death Note Movie In Development
Universal Pictures has revealed that Vertigo Entertainment is developing an American live action film adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s supernatural suspense manga story Death Note. The Death Note franchise has already spawned three live action films in Japan. Brothers Vlas and Charles Parlapanides have been hired to construct a screenplay for an American Death Note feature.

Via animenation

Honestly, if this does come out, I am going to watch it and then plan a funeral of it just like those people that did a funeral of Goku. Not to mention that if it is Zac Effron that plays the part of Raito… Just thinking of it ruins the whole Death Note mood for me. Whether it be successful, which is quite doubtful in my point of view, or a failure, which is most likely the case, we will have to wait to find out.


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