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VG Cats using Teh Word???

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 29, 2009


After browsing online for some entertainment, due to the fact that Saki hasn’t been subbed and there’s no new chapter of Fairy Tail this week, I’ve ended up browsing on the very popular VG Cats.

It’s a website where they usually post up comics on a regular basis, usually mocking/satirizing gamer/otaku related things. A very recent one actually intergrated Stephen Colbert’s, of the Colbert Report, most famous segment: “The word.”

The full comic can be found via VG Cats.

The Colbert Report happens to be one of my favorite shows, other than The Daily Show and Robot Chicken. It was a great shock to see that these otakus/gamers who posts up these comics are also fans of the one who believes that Bears are godless killing machines! Are there others who have come to read who are fans of the bringer of “Truthiness”?


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