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If the Van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 29, 2009


The local authorities were notified how a man was engaging in sexual intercourse with two latex dolls in his car in front of the entrance of a supermarket.

Apparently, this occured in broad daylight. The other customers, much to their pleasure or chagrin, saw the man with a gaping hole in his pants, probably essential for his threesome/onesome.

George Bartusek, at the age of 51, was seen in the parking lot, grabbing, kissing and hugging his two dolls in passionate and carnal pleasure. The man said he was buying new clothes for the dolls.

Via mirror.

The amount of news concerning men taking their dolls out, whether it be their daughters, also known as Dolfies, or latex blow-up dolls have increased to the point where it’s not really frightening, but also quite shocking. On the other side, the man should be congratulated for being so thoughtful of showing others that he’s currently exclusive, along with the fact that he is willing to provide for his love toys. Romantic? More or less. At least he provides for whom he cares about.


3 Responses to “If the Van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!”

  1. […] Unfortunately, there have been no mentions about other animals doing the same. The car to this rhino is very similar to what humans use in what is believed to be their own private time. […]

  2. […] Seriously, rape may be a turn on for some disturbed individuals, but we should always take into consideration that it isn’t the best route, since there would be no lubrication to start out with. Instead, we should follow the example of people who seem more well adjusted than rapists. […]

  3. Noah said

    And to think I was so afraid to take my blow up goat doll out in public. Thank you so much, sunny days at the petting zoo here I cum!

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