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Announcement of a Second Season For Liar Game

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 26, 2009

Young Jump magazine has announced that there will be a second season and a theatrical film based on the manga “Liar Game”. Since this will be a second season, they will keep the same cast from the first season. Kanzaki Nao, a woman who’s gullibly honest, is played, yet again, by Erika Toda. Shinichi Akiyama, a con artist with a soft spot for Kanzaki Nao, will also be played by Shota Matsuda.

Erika Toda has been notably famous by her performances from the Live-Action Death Note movies and Shota Matsuda has also played many roles in J-Dramas, a very notable one being Hana Yori Dango. Due to the amount of mangas sold from this series, it seems that they have chosen to do so after seeing all of its positive reviews.

Via animenewsnetwork.

Plot Summary: At the sight of greed, your average human being always chooses money over integrity; however, such a thing is impossible for the Nao Kanzaki, who is about the most honest person you can find. But when she accidentally joined “The Liar Game”, her honesty has proved to be a deadly poison. In a game where every player has to either trick their opponents and get gain a large prize, or be burdened with a equally large debt, the honest Nao Kanzaki has no choice but to get help from Shinichi Akiyama, who is a genius con artist that conned a multi billionaire company. With the help of Akiyama, Nao Kanzaki now participates in the dangerous world of the “The Liar Game”

Via animenewsnetwork.

After reading this, I was flabbergasted. Due to the rushed ending from the first season of the Japanese drama and the lack of chapters that have been fully translated, I have been waiting for a very long time to see the real ending of this series. I guess I’ll be wasting more time at home once this comes out.

For those that actually watched this, Fuyukaze recommended Kurosagi after this one. It’s definitely a good read, but do any of you know how the acting in the J-drama was?


3 Responses to “Announcement of a Second Season For Liar Game”

  1. crystal said

    the drama was so stupid and really disappointing and they totally ruined the story!
    the manga is definitely a whole lot better.
    and the only reason i watched it to the end was cuz the person who played akiyama was hot >_<

    • FuyuKaze said

      You know what they say, they can never beat the original. I’m actually glad I watched the drama first before reading the manga… Like you, I would have been completely disappointed on how it turned out to be >.>

  2. quantula said

    Well, the manga is being translated at breakneck speed now by null and Project Liar Game!
    Did you hear about the “russian roulette” by any chance?
    At any rate, it’s glad to see other fans of Liar Game!! ^o^<3

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