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Gantz Volume One

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 23, 2009


The manga starts off with a highschool student -Kurono- looking at some type of ecchi magazine, and some old woman asks him for directions to a certain area. Like most perverted and self absorbed teenagers, he ends up ignoring her. He then sees an old classmate -Kato- of his next to him and turns his sight to a hobo lying down on the rail of the train station. Kato ends up jumping in and asking Kurono to help him. They ended up saving the hobo, but the other two students weren’t so lucky.

As they lost their heads while they got run over, the two students end up meeting up with many other people sitting on the floor of a room where a large black ball resides. After a naked, and busty, very very busty, woman appeared naked on Kurono, a yakuza member dragged her to another room and attempted to have his way with her. Kato, being the guy who was inspired by Kurono in their childhood, ended up playing hero and giving her his jacket.

A mission was then assigned to them to eliminate an alien by the gigantic black orb and provided them with weapons. As the story goes on, it was a gore galore. They ended up killing the son of the target and the gangster who tried to have his way with the Kei was killed because their target used him as a meat shield.


Despite the kickass amount of gore and nudity of this first volume, I found it very lagging when it came to the developping plot. Not saying it’s a bad thing, since the flow of the story is kind of comparable to sex:

It may be slow at first, but it’s always good to savour it.

Taking that into account, it’s just to weed out the readers who will stop reading it after a while. The part that irks me is that after ten chapters, it’s still didn’t give us quite the big picture yet. Which is why I’ll read the next volume soon enough and then post up a review.

About Kei, the short haired chick, and her tits, I found them quite nice but a little too big for my liking. Damn, if my twelve year old self were to hear that, I may have thought I became gay later on in life. I digress though, her tits are only nice when they seem to be supported. That or through a cleavage shot. Are there many of you that seem to prefer cleavage shots over full exposure due to the teasing involved?

The artwork though, compared to most mangas nowadays, doesn’t seem so generic. The detailing is well done and the gore seems to be stereotypically overboard, but the how the guts splatter all over the place gives the reader a type of morbid fascination. The faces drawn are so much better than most artworks that are currently out at the moment. It may not be as realistic as say…marvel artwork, but it’s still somewhat closer to reality and still retaining the anime-ish look to it.

Hmm…I can’t wait to read the next volume though. Due to the inexperience shown by the large majority of the group and the fact that some of them are in denial, I wonder how much more of them will die.



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