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Variante Volume One

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 21, 2009


A scene of blood and mangled bodies strewn about the floor of a crime scene is under investigation. One young female body was shown, lying down in the morgue. They soon find out that she survived with no signs of injuries, by feeling her pulse, the coroner stopped before he dove in with the saw.

The young girl woke up with a start in the middle of the night, trying to figure out her own whereabouts and noticing her left arm covered in bandages. She then proceeded to unwrap the bandages, only to see a monstrosity of an arm.

A police investigator -Sudo- and a doctor -Kochigawa- interrogated the young girl -Aiko- about the past events. As soon as they found no abnormalities but the left arm itself, it is revealed that it was the Chimera gene in her. Before that, and after she woke up, a chimera that was captured ended up running loose in the hospital only to be sucked in and fused with her monstrous arm.

Understanding these facts, she has realized that she lost her parents and then proceeded to back home to remember any important details. She managed to escape only to find her best friend -Sachiyo- walking her dog. Unfortunately, this reunion was not a happy one. The arm, not Aiko, killed the dog in a bloody manner, scaring her childhood friend away. Later on, Sachiyo finds Aiko in a park and comforted her.

Another tragedy occured. Sachiyo ended up being slashed to death by another chimera that appeared from the park’s lake. Aiko then proceeded to scream out in anguish and pain. She was almost engulfed by the strange being, until her arm saved her and slurped up the one who killed her closest friend.

The higher ups of the company that Sudo and Kochigawa worked for heard of the incident. She was given a choice of becoming a weapon for the company or to die. After some convincing from Sudo, she decided to live in order to annihilate those godforsaken creatures.


I ended up buying this manga only due it’s visual appeal. The artwork of the cover looked rather morbid and gruesome. Thank God I actually ended up buying it.

The first chapter was rather gruesome, but it was a strong base where the story started. Aiko’s mindset was portrayed in a very realistic manner of a spoiled crybaby. It was only until she lost everything that she started changing towards a dark path, which is pretty cool and all.

The summary on the back of the manga gave me the impression that it would be like Phantom but with a crazy ass mutated arm rather than given training and weapons.

I still can’t get over the way how the “Chimeras” were drawn. They were depicted as an abomination, or more specifically, a decaying blob who has claws sometimes. Those unholy excuses for blobs were like flesh turned inside out and the bones were nothing but mere tiny fragments holding the flesh together, save for the one that killed Sachiyo.

Hopefully, this series isn’t the type where it started out powerfully and then became shitty in the long run. I’m actually looking forward to reading volume 2.



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