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La Machine in Yokohama

Posted by FuyuKaze on April 21, 2009


While we all know that Tokyo had Godzilla, Yokohama finally gets their own sci-fi monsters: a pair of giant metallic spiders. All this to help mark an anniversary! Yokohama invited La Machine to join celebration for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the port’s re-opening in 1859. This, of course, helped Japan’s two centuries of self-isolation and Yokohama has since become a gateway to the world.

La Machine’s art director states that the image of the spider reflects well upon the history of the port. ”The spider is a representation of the foreigner. She arouses phobias” and also ”Our idea is to provoke emotions among the spectators: the spider is a repulsive animal, but it’s also a creature that weaves ties.”
Via News


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