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The greatest toys from the greatest movies of all time!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 20, 2009


Well not really, but it’s still quite a sight to behold nonetheless. They actually ended up making action figures from the famed movie, Dragon Ball Evolution. The quality of these action figures are comparable to the price they’re being sold at.

The joints, as we can clearly see, incomparable to the quality of those play arts made by Square Enix and the figmas made by Max Factory. The joints are visible and we could see how exactly where they bend without trying to guess. The limitations of the toys’ range of motion is also determined by its joint visibilities.

The amount of mini-accessories that accompany Master Roshi provides the user with another level of amusing themselves by re-enacting scenes from this very popular movie that ended up making a large sum of money on the first week in the box office.

Images provided by animenewsnetwork

Sadly, the six inch Goku action figure does not come with any mini-accessories. Fortunately, they included a feature that has been rarely seen in toys: The multi-fast action-punches that comes in the form of four arms.

The details of these toys are beyond expectations. These action figures are worth the price it’s being sold at.

Via animenewsnetwork.

Apparently, these toys may come to a Walmart or Zellers nearby. Taking the features of the toys into account, I’m sure that these toys will be bought….on opposite day.


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