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A woman’s worst enemy: Water?!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 20, 2009


Water has always been used for the good stuff: Drinking, cleaning, ice, wet t-shirt contests, and other various things. Who would have thought that a water fountain would have been able to cause a woman excrutiating pain for a good several months?


In August 2007, Yang, who was a 19 year old college student at the time, was at a local square in the Henan Province of China. She and her friends were there to enjoy a musical water show.

As they were playing in the water, they were enjoying the small bursts of water that only tickled their nerves on many parts of their bodies. Basically, the old saying goes how it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt ended up coming true in this case.

Yang, being the unfortunate one out of the group of her friends, ended up receiving a burst of water that has penetrated through her vagina and ended up damaging her intestines in the process as well as raising her god knows how high in the sky.

After she fell down, she was hurting from her abdomen while bleeding profusely. She was then taken to a hospital. The doctors had diagnosed her with damaged intestines with a torn vagina.


Within 7 months, she had taken 3 operations and sued the owners of the fountain for an approximate amount of 25,000$.

Via Weird Asia News.

Despite the usage of pressurized air to please someone, as demonstrated in La Blue Girl, the usage of pressurized water would prove too much for a woman to handle. Surprisingly, there are those who can handle tentacles though…

Playing in the water fountain may look fun, but it is never really recommended to do such a thing to begin with. That’s why they invented slip and slides.


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